No Cases of COVID-19

For more information on Wolf Creek Public Schools COVID-19 procedures and protocols visit:

COVID-19 Information & Resources

Wolf Creek Public Schools District Re-Entry Plan

Wolf Creek Public Schools District Re-Entry Plan is a thorough plan that will directly guide your local Wolf Creek school on school re-entry. Please take the time to read through the plan carefully.

Wolf Creek Public Schools District Re-Entry Plan 

Ask a COVID-19 and School Re-Entry Related Question

To ask a questions regarding COVID-19 and School Re-Entry please click on the link below:

WCPS COVID-19 & School Re-Entry Questions

If the question is specific to your local school's Re-Entry Plan, please contact your school directly. 

Resources for Parents

There are many resources for families to help them cope through COVID-19. 

Please find them at: WCPS Resources for Parents

Mecca Glen Re-Entry Plan 2020/21

The following link will take you to Mecca Glen Schools Re-entry Plan, it outlines the measures we have put in place to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.  The plan meets all measures as laid out by the government as well as Wolf Creek Public Schools.

Mecca Glen Re-Entry Plan